While giving some thought as to how to give back to the community of Agile practitioners, there was a consensus there was a need for helping ScrumMasters understand that they’re on the right track. The following videos aim to help ScrumMasters as they’re working with teams.


  • Video length: 15 to 20-minutes
  • Season #1: 5 Videos


  • How did you get into Product Management?
  • What to focus on first to get off to a good start?
  • How to educate yourself?
  • How the Product Manager role is changing?
  • How do you know you're doing well in the role of Product Manager?

SEASON ONE: Product Management

EPISODE: 101 - A Skype conversation with Keith Hopper. Our conversation is roughly 17-minutes and covers a range of topics. Skype skips a few times but the audio is okay throughout the conversation.

EPISODE: 102 - A Zoom conversation with Ellen Chisa. Our conversation is casual and Ellen shares her blog which has a few helpful posts on developing our craft of being a Product Manager.

EPISODE: 103 - A Zoom conversation with Cole mercer. Our conversation was roughly 35-minutes, I had to edit it down to 19-minutes, so if you’re interested in the full/uncut version just email me. Cole was very gracious in sharing a discounted online course that he taught at Udemy, worth checking out. The course is regularly $195 but with Cole’s coupon code of “OCTOBERSURPRISE” the course is $10, pretty awesome! Thank you Cole!

EPISODE: 104 - A Zoom conversation with Terri Burns. Our conversation is set to help recent college graduates understand Product Manager. Terri is an active member of the Associate Product Manager program at Twitter and helps shed light on making Product Management a career choice after college.